Bianca Andreescu: 'Serena Williams is very kind-hearted'

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Bianca Andreescu: 'Serena Williams is very kind-hearted'

Bianca Andreescu tries to get inspiration from Serena Williams. The Canadian player said: "I'm sure I'm not the only person that's looked up to her. She's an inspiration to many, many people, not only athletes.

What she's done off the court, too. She's truly a champion. Above all, she's very kind-hearted. She came up to me in the locker room, she said some really nice things, which I'll cherish for a really, really long time.

But, yeah, I've really strived to be like her. Who knows? Maybe I can be even better."

Andreescu is aware her success in Canada is having a big buzz: "It's been a goal of mine to inspire many people, especially Canadian athletes.

I think that this win will hopefully do that, not only this win but just what I've accomplished this past year because so many Canadian athletes have paved the way for me when I was young. Hopefully I can be that person to them."

On how she evolved from a human point of view, the 19-year-old concluded: "I don't think I was ever as composed as I am now, or even a year ago. I would get really down on myself and I would get very negative thoughts going through my mind.

I would smash racquets. I'd just yell at myself during matches. Actually not even during matches, even during practice, too. But I found that that way wasn't working to my advantage at all. So I started seeing -- I'll say I started seeking some advice from other people.

Ever since then, I've been trying to have a very positive outlook on everything. I think that's really been helping me, even in tough situations."