Serena Williams is a great champion, but Andreescu is the future - Borfiga

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Serena Williams is a great champion, but Andreescu is the future - Borfiga

The Vice President of the Elite Development for Tennis Canada Louis Borfiga spoke about Bianca Andreescu's US Open final win over Serena Williams. Borfiga said: "(On Saturday), we saw that between the two, Bianca is better.

Serena is a great champion, but Bianca is the future. Today we saw a switch of roles. Now power will be in Bianca's hands. She is a future world No. 1. Two years ago I said that she would win a Grand Slam title and I was seen as a crazy person.

Now the people who thought I was crazy should change their mind. I had said it at the Rogers Cup too. I say it and I say it again, she is the best player now, by far. She is very confident. It's a big time. To win a Grand Slam is something big.

All the countries want it and today Bianca had success. It's also a big win for Tennis Canada, so I feel a lot of pride and emotion." Andreescu was asked what she told herself when she was leading 6-3 6-5 and serving to win the match: "I told myself to put the goddamn ball inside the court and just breathe as much as I could because she was serving, first of all.

I wanted to win the first point to show her that I am in it to win it. Did I win that first point? I don't even know. I think your biggest weapon is to be as prepared as you can. I really think that just working your mind -- because at this level everyone knows how to play tennis, I think. The thing that separates the best from the rest is just the mindset."