Some players are not afraid of Serena Williams anymore, says Barker

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Some players are not afraid of Serena Williams anymore, says Barker

The BBC Presenter Sue Barker believes Serena Williams doesn't have the intimidation factor anymore. The Brit, speaking after the American player's US Open final loss to Bianca Andreescu on Saturday, said: “There are players out there who aren’t afraid of her anymore – that’s the difference.

She had this aura about her before, she was so dominant in the finals, nobody could get near her, she played the big points so well. But (on Saturday night) it was the youngster who played the big points better”. Barker added: “She turns 38 later this month.

She is an incredible athlete and she’s been in four Grand Slam finals since she gave birth to her daughter. So she’s still right up there, she’s still doing well. If she’s still motivated and wanting to do it, I think she will carry on.

Let’s face it, she’s got another four (Grand Slams) next year and the Olympics, I’m sure she’ll want to do that, she loves playing at the Olympics. That will be the motivation. But there are so many good players."

Patrick McEnroe spoke about the Rafael Nadal v Daniil Medvedev match up: “We’re all wondering that: Is it a bad matchup or was [Medvedev] fried from that week?’ [Medvedev] is one of the best strategic thinkers of the young kids I’ve seen in 10 years.

The way he plays makes [opponents] feel uncomfortable. I’m hopeful it lives up to what it could be because it could be a great match. It will depend on how [Medvedev] feels physically, how his serve is going. Hopefully, it’s going to be tight. I like him a lot. I’m cautiously optimistic it’s going to be close”.