Serena Williams felt guilty about leaving her baby at the start: Coach

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Serena Williams felt guilty about leaving her baby at the start: Coach

During the US Open Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about the American player's return to the WTA Tour after giving birth to her daughter Olympia in September 2017. The Frenchman said: "I think the first months are very difficult after the birth, because -- I mean, that was the case for Serena.

I don't know if it's always like that. I can understand that it can be like that for most of the mothers. She was feeling guilty -- she was feeling that the baby needed her a lot because a young baby is very weak, and I think as a mother you feel like you need to be here all the time to protect the baby.

Whenever she was not here because she needed to practice or to play a match, she was feeling guilty. And I think it was the first months it was hurting her a lot, because tennis has always been her priority, at least since 2012.

Before, I don't know. It was her No. 1 priority. And suddenly taking care of the baby becomes a priority for the reasons that I understand. Not that it's not a priority now, but now she's less -- she feels less guilty about leaving her to play tennis, because she feels she doesn't depend as much on her as when she was really small.

So maybe this I would not expect." On Holger Rune, who trains at Mouratoglou Academy, he said: "Holger is Danish tennis player, for those who don't know him, who is part of my academy since maybe four years, something like that, and who just won Roland Garros in juniors, the last Roland Garros.

I think he's very talented. He's a great competitor. I think that's one of his best qualities. I think it's one of the most important quality to reach the top of the tennis game."