Kim Clijsters: 'What Serena Williams does is incredible'

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Kim Clijsters: 'What Serena Williams does is incredible'

Kim Clijsters praised Serena Williams. Speaking to a group of reporters on Thursday, as quoted by Telegraph, the Belgian player, who will be back on Tour in 2020, said: “What she does is incredible. I’ve been on the sidelines, in the commentary booth, seeing her compete and fight at the highest level and I think it’s amazing.

But I also admire the other women [with children] – Mandy Minella, Victoria Azarenka – who are trying to balance and get great results out there. I love seeing that there are so many mothers now in our sport”.

On how competitive she can be, Clijsters added: “There are times when I have been watching and I’ve thought ‘no way I will be able to get close to competing with these players.’ I will have to be the fittest I ever have been, and move better than I did in the past.

It’s unrealistic at this stage to say I want to get to the quarter-final of a grand slam, so I just try to stay in the moment and see where it takes me”. Clijsters concluded: “The timing was right because I felt like it fitted in with my family life.

Our three children go to school so I have time during the day. Jada was excited. She said ‘Mum, if you wanna try, then go for it.’”