Serena Williams needs to be fully committed to tennis, says King

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Serena Williams needs to be fully committed to tennis, says King

In an interview, WTA Founder Billie Jean King commented on Serena Williams's chances to win a Grand Slam title. Jean King said: "It depends on her priorities. She will still win a lot if she will put aside all the rest and she will be fully committed to tennis.

The professional sport requires a total dedication. The game is better with Serena: she is an amazing champion." Presenting the Battle of Sexes film, King added: "It's about what the match was about. It was about social change.

It was about what was going on then and at least where I wanted life to go. The wonderful thing about the movie, one thing I did ask Jonathan and Valerie, could you at least put the Original 9 in there. I thought the way they put them in was just amazing.

They were so fun. Rosie was a smartass, as usual. Natalie Morales has done a great job. Rosie got a text from her. She's so excited. She's going to meet her in LA. It's so sweet. And I think getting Ted in it and just, you know, getting Larry -- I mean, look at Austin.

I mean, Jesus. (Laughter.) All you have to do is look at him every day, and I thought -- you know, and then you get to Bobby Riggs, how Steve Carell was so accurate with him, so authentic, the many layers of Bobby Riggs. Bobby just wasn't this guy.

You see the back story of Bobby and really understand his personal life so much better, the challenges he was going through. You see my challenges. You see Larry's challenges and Priscilla who is Elisabeth, Bobby's wife.

You did an amazing job. It's not just a tennis movie, no. It's really about social change. It was also inner struggles that we all go through. Me obviously with my sexuality and Bobby trying to cling on to his marriage and having gambling problems."