Kim Clijsters: 'Serena Williams and other mothers were my inspirations'

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Kim Clijsters: 'Serena Williams and other mothers were my inspirations'

In an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport the former world No. 1 Kim Clijsters commented on her decision to play on the WTA Tour again. Describing her preparation in attempt to compete in the professional tennis, the Belgian former player said: "I started training again since a few weeks and the path ahead of me is very long.

So I prefer to go step by step and then decide where I will play my first tournament. In December I will talk with my coach and we will decide. If I do not feel fit, we may postpone it." On her inspirations, Clijsters added: "I saw Serena Williams's strength but not just her.

There are many winner mothers in the game. I like their desire to be at a high level, to compete. And I want to try it again even if I am 36 years old. It's a challenge and I always loved challenges, I am not afraid of it."

On her 11-year-old daughter Jada's reaction, Clijsters added: "She was excited, she told me I definitely had to give it a try. She loves the sports a lot and she plays basketball. In the recent times we also trained together.

My daughter knows what it means to be an athlete and she appreciates all the efforts I make. Her brothere are still too little to say what they think. She came with me at Wimbledon, she was excited when I told her I would like to come back her as a player."