Serena Williams feels more pressure than any other player - Coach

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Serena Williams feels more pressure than any other player - Coach

In an interview to Match Tenis Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou analyzed the American player's last four Grand Slam finals losses. He said: "When you lose several times in the same time, you can be blocked.

I think she was not blocked. I think she was not prepared because she had a baby and, less than a year after, she reached the Grand Slam finals but she was far away from being prepared physically. She is very strong mentally.

Now she starts doing really well. At the US Open, she played very well throughout the tournament, except the final, but I think it's important to understand that, when Serena plays a Grand Slam final, she has more pressure than any other player.

She plays to make history. She is incredible. The pressure is enormous. And on the other side, she had bad luck because she played with younger players who were relaxed with no stress and pressure. That's why she lost. She will have chances because she is playing well.

In the last five Grand Slams, she was in the final four times. She is not far away." On the WTA side, players are not consistent. "There is not a leader. It's easy. The WTA Tour is waiting for someone who takes the responsibility of being world No.

1. As you saw, it's difficult because you see how they win, and you suddenly have more pressure, you cannot handle it and you lose."