Don't compare Serena Williams and Cori Gauff, says Mouratoglou

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Don't compare Serena Williams and Cori Gauff, says Mouratoglou

In an interview to Sky Sports Patrick Mouratoglou, who works with Serena Williams and Cori Gauff, was asked about the similarities between the two players. "First of all I don't compare players. Second, I will never compare anyone with Serena who is the greatest of all time.

[But] with the psychology there are things in common because Coco thinks like a petit champion and this is very rare. She believes in herself, she is driven and she really believes she can do it. All the young players say they want to be No 1 but they don't really mean it.

When they play someone that is better ranked than them they are losing. 'Coco' is not like that. She played for the first time in her life on a big court at Wimbledon and she beat Venus Williams. She played her idol first round, she beat her, then she confirmed and showed so many good things.

Clearly she has the mindset of someone who is more than [just] a very good tennis player as been working with Gauff at his academy in the south of France since she was 10, believes the American has the ability and personality to thrive in the women's game - unlike previous young Grand Slam champions.

On the other hand, dealing with that type of pressure is very difficult for everyone. We have seen these last two years, players win a Grand Slam and then suddenly disappear being unable to deal with the pressure. But I think she is doing really well with pressure because she came to the US Open with enormous pressure and she did well."