Tennis is led by two great women, Serena Williams and Venus Williams -Smith

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Tennis is led by two great women, Serena Williams and Venus Williams -Smith

In an interview the USTA CEO Gordon Smith spoke about the combination between men and women in tennis. As quoted by CBS, He said: "Tennis is one of the few sports that women get paid well in. We've had equal pay in the U.S.

Open since 1973." Smith also praised Billie Jean King: "She stood up for the women and we are not going to play." She stood up but the USTA responded and starting paying equally way back in 1973. With everything combined, this is a sport that women can excel in financially.

And it's led by two great women in Venus and Serena (Williams). Tennis is such an amazingly healthy game. We need to expose it to more parents and kids Social media is a big part of our job." Gael Monfils spoke about his love story with Elina Svitolina: “We are really different in our approach to some things, but we understand each other really well, and the difficult situations we’re always facing.

There are lots of challenges throughout a tennis career; almost every week you are losing, so you have to be mentally strong and fresh each week, because everyone is hungry to beat you." Meanwhile Diego Schwartzman praised his family's support: "They always supported me.

When I was a kid they had many economical problems and they made an effort for my dream. They were doing anything, crazy things. I did not have pressure because I was little and at that age you have to be smart to understand what happens around you.

So I became tougher. When I was little I thought I would have played football and even today my number one passion is football, without a doubt. I struggled a lot in watching Nadal and Medvedev in the US Open final. But if in that moment, I would not say Boca but Estudiantes-Gimnasia, I would have not watched tennis at all. But at 11 or 12 years I realized I would have been better at tennis."