Apart Serena Williams, many girls are influenced by pressure - Bruneau

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Apart Serena Williams, many girls are influenced by pressure - Bruneau

In a press conference Bianca Andreescu's coach Sylvain Bruneau spoke about the upcoming schedule of the Canadian player following her US Open title. "We reviewed her schedule for it. She had to play tournaments in a row.

At the moment she will play in Beijing but there are still important tournaments. She would like to play the WTA Finals in Shenzhen. At the moment she is in a good position. She still has to play well. She may have a set but it's normal.

We will see." "Several players who got to the top went through tough times. Apart Serena Williams, many girls were influenced by pressure but I hope it will go well. She is experiencing something new and it will take some time to see how she handles it.

She can improve on all the aspects. She has a complete game. It's all about power in the women's tennis. Most of the girls play in a similar way. Bianca can improve her serve and backhand. We would like to help her go to the net more."

On their co-operation, Bruneau concluded: "When we started to work really together, that's basically when we look at how she was playing, and I felt then -- and she was having good results when I started working with her.

She was already 250 in the world and she was 17. I felt she could do more on the court. I felt she could do more than just hit the ball really early and hard and through the court, which she was doing. So we looked at a lot of the guys, what they were doing, the way they were playing tennis I think with more shape and with more spin and using the entire court."