Elina Svitolina: 'I wish I could play better against Serena Williams'

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Elina Svitolina: 'I wish I could play better against Serena Williams'

In an interview with CGTN in Zhengzhou, Elina Svitolina looked back to her US Open campaign that ended losing to Serena Williams in the semifinals. The Ukrainian player said: "The U.S. Open was a great run. Still, it's disappointing, I wish I could play better, but it always happens like this when you want more.

But you know, there are lots of things I can take from the defeat. And I need to look forward and there is going to be some tough matches in some tough tournaments." Svitolina believes she is an inspiration for the other players: "I think for sure we are going to see more and more young girls, hopefully, guys too, but girls more step into the game and play really good on the big stage.

And I can see they have great potential and they just need some time and experience to improve more and go for bigger results. It is really competitive, especially right now, I mean you know that you have to play your best tennis starting from the first round," said Kerber.

"A lot of young players are coming and you know that you have to improve yourself, your tennis, your fitness. So it's just the whole thing. It's a process and you have to deal with everything right now, but it is also a big challenge and a big chance for a lot of players”.

Angelique Kerber instead spoke about her plans for the next year. The German said: "I'm not thinking too much ahead to 2020 right now. I know how it is to be on top, I know how it is to (come) back even stronger, and it's just something which for me is always important.

To believe still in yourself, and to (come) back to take on all the challenges, and for me, it's important now to finish the year as good as I can and then (think) about next year."