Serena Williams speaks about her fashion line, Nike

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Serena Williams speaks about her fashion line, Nike

Serena Williams spoke with CNBC about the fashion line named after her. The former world No. 1 said she is not following her sports apparel sponsor Nike's policy, as they have another focus. “We do something a little different.

We’re more in the fashion, off-the-court type, non-athleticwear. It’s really just about being who you are, loving who you are, and loving our product. It’s a direct-to-consumer brand because we wanted to cut out the middle man and bring really great fashion," said Serena.

“Our mission is to be more inclusive. When you think of Silicon Valley, you think of a lot of investments, you think it’s so exclusive, like, ‘How do I get in that’ and ‘I can’t invest cause I don’t know and there’s no way in,’ but we want to make a way where it has more inclusivity and more impact”.

Serena also invests in a lot of companies in order to increase her portfolio. “We really want to take a focus and look at female founders and people that really want to make a difference. It’s also important for us to look at people across the board and have a really diversified portfolio."

Asked if she got inspired by Nike, Serena added: “Don’t get in Nike’s space because they do it well! Nike’s such an amazing leader in what they do”.