Ashleigh Barty praises Serena Williams for one thing

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Ashleigh Barty praises Serena Williams for one thing

Winning French Open and Wimbledon back to back is a very tough accomplishment that only a few players have done in history. The Australian Ashleigh Barty, who did not perform too well in the two tournaments, pointed out Serena Williams's example: "For only one person to have done it in 20 or so years, as you said, for it to be Serena Williams, shows just how exceptionally hard it is", Barty said.

On how it felt to travel from Australia to China, Barty, who is competing in this week's Wuhan Open, added: "I think for us Aussies, anything under 12 hours is pretty easy. You kind of get used to that. You adjust to that.

For us here, it's probably one of the easiest places to get to. It's like eight or nine hours. It just feels like it's a breeze. Feels like it's a domestic flight (smiling). I mean, it's something you have to learn to get used to.

There's no way around it. You watch a movie, sleep, whatever it is. Timing can also be important, if there are different flights, one in the morning, one at night. Sometimes I'll choose one or the other depending on when I land.

Things like that. It's really what's going to get me there the quickest. Sleep is the best thing to do during a flight. You wake up and it's almost over. There have been flights where you can't sleep. It's long, it's challenging, it's boring. It's the same for everyone. Not really going to set anyone apart."