Serena Williams speaks about fashion line being named after her

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Serena Williams speaks about fashion line being named after her

Serena Williams spoke about the reasons why she started a fashion line named after her. The American player said: “For me, why wouldn’t I want to be part of something so huge? What a great platform for me to speak about things I believe in and things that just shape the world in a better way.

Also, it’s about getting a great group of people in the room that can also bring their expertise in their different fields to the board and to the company." Gowrappan added: “What Serena and the team have done is change how we think about our products.

If you think about all the advice from our board members, including Serena, they impact directly as the athlete and…to those running their companies, several billion people globally. What Serena has brought is that you have to act like a winner, act like a champ and really have the discipline.

With Serena there’s a lot of transparency and authenticity. She will say honestly what she feels, and we want that. We want to have that one-on-one relationship with our customers, because we want them to be honest. Serena has pushed us to take this to the next level.

We’ve changed from thinking about things in a quarterly way to…thinking long-term”. A close source, through a statement, added: “Serena Williams is a brand. I think of myself as a mom, a sister and a daughter, but it is a brand."