Serena Williams' husband: 'With our daughter it's a constant struggle'


Serena Williams' husband: 'With our daughter it's a constant struggle'

Serena Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian spoke to espnW about how his life has changed since when he got married to the 23-time Grand Slam winner and they became parents of a two-year-old daughter called Olympia. Ohanian wrote: "I have to support my family in a way that makes sense for our needs.

There's a hunger that comes after weeks of being in relative isolation with your partner and baby [after the child is born]. Then there's all of the sleep deprivation that comes with it. For both partners, it's incredibly useful to have flexibility when getting back into work.

Even if for no other reason than the nourishment that you can get from being able to work. I am fortunate because I love the work that I do, it's a nice grounding of normalcy when everything else had been turned upside down." Ohanian and Williams travel around the world with Olympia for several months a year.

Serena plays a very light tournaments schedule and she is once again set to skip the WTA Finals, making her return to the competition only in January 2020 at the ASB Classic in Auckland. "It's a constant struggle", admitted the Reddit Co-Founder.

"Even now, with our daughter being 2, it's a constant struggle to try to feel like I'm showing up enough for her and my wife. I know my wife feels the same way. This is the new normal", concluded Ohanian who is a famous businessman.

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