Venus Williams: 'Karaoke is number one for me, sister Serena'

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Venus Williams: 'Karaoke is number one for me, sister Serena'

Venus Williams defeated Barbara Strycova in a three-set first round match in Beijing to open her run at the China Open on a great note. The American player, speaking of her win, said: "She's a great competitor. I was just so super happy to win that at the end, stay in the tournament.

Honestly the strategy is changing throughout the match just to see what works. My strategy is always basically to dominate. Basically whoever does that usually wins." Venus praised the China Open: "I think the fans are just so excited.

How do I describe it? They're just beyond happy the players are here. They're, like, super grateful and enthusiastic. Their energy is just very contagious, so... I'm actually really happy to play for them because of that."

Venus also praised the Chinese karaoke: "Karaoke is number one in my family", she said referring to her and sister Serena. "To have that experience, the karaoke center was incredible, incredible. But also we spent some time just seeing China.

I love China, but I have no free time so it's very difficult to see some of it. I felt like the other day I had an amazing experience just to leave the city a little bit." Asked if she has some advice for those who want to become professional tennis player like herself, Venus added: "Honestly, it's such hard work. I don't even know what to say. Get ready to not have a life."