Serena Williams partners with Allstate Foundation for financial abuse

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Serena Williams partners with Allstate Foundation for financial abuse

Serena Williams partnered with the Allstate Foundation in order to raise awareness about the financial abuse. The 23-time Grand Slam winner said: “Yoir partner takes out credit cards in your name and maxes them out. That’s a sign.

They take your paycheck and choose how to spend it. They deny you access to the bank account. They demand receipts for every little thing you buy. They forbid you from working. These are all signs of financial abuse”. Williams added: "Financial abuse affects 99% of most domestic violence cases.

So that’s a huge number, and when I first heard that number, I was like, ‘How do I not know about it?’ You would think with that statistic, most people would know about it. But we don’t. I wanted to use my platform and my voice to let people know that financial abuse is not okay”.

The former Spanish player Beatriz Garcia spoke about the difference between men and women in tennis: "I do not understand the need of comparing one tour to the other. We have a men's tour where there are the best three players ever, let's enjoy them until they retire.

On the women's tour we have Serena Williams, who has been winning Grand Slams for 20 years and also younger girls like Bianca Andreescu and Naomi Osaka who being very young also win Grand Slams and have very different personalities.

I do not understand why there is some criticism." Borna Coric was impressed by the amount of people there: “It’s the most unbelievable practice of my whole life."