Serena Williams' coach shares why the American is still playing tennis

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Serena Williams' coach shares why the American is still playing tennis

Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about the American player's strengths. The Frenchman said: "Serena has an emormous personality, a dominant personality. For her, listening was essential. Doing my job was essential.

I am 100 percent focused on working with her. Probably it will be difficult to work with another player once she stops. But I have an Academy. Being able to come back at the age of 37 years after giving birth to a daughter is definitely outstanding.

I was particularly hit by his effort to achieve this goal. She is motivated because she still feels she can win major tournaments and to achieve the ultimate record, holding most Grand Slam titles. When a tournament comes, she always has the highest ambition to win.

But she needs to be doing well physically." What's the difference between a good and bad coach? "We already have to specify this word. The coach needs to think about the future, see his player in a Grand Slam final and seeing his potential to win.

He needs to plan training sessions on a daily basis." On the Swiss tennis, Mouratoglou added: "It's amazing. If we compare the amount of players with the results they got, it's crazy. When you see the financial resources of United States or France and the players you have, it makes us jealous.

The mentality is the key when it comes to Switzerland. Then when you had a Hingis or Federer, it influences the younger guys. Swiss people are serious and ambitious and not all the countries have those values."