Serena Williams speaks about her pre-match routines

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Serena Williams speaks about her pre-match routines

Serena Williams spoke about her pre-match routines in an interview to MyTennis. The former world No. 1 said: "I usually try to do the warm up multiple hours before so I finish warm up, I tap my ankles every single match.

I try to be relaxed, I go to my coach." Asked what kind of music she listens at, Serena added: "My music is different. Listening to the same music year after year can be a bit crazy so my walk on is kind of the same but before I try to mix it up.

I really get nervous and I kind of enjoy every moment." Simona Halep explained why she starts hitting from the half of the court before switching to the baseline: "I used to do it since I was a kid and I think it's just a routine.

And the second I think I like to feel a little bit the ball and to warm up the wrists because even if you warm up the wrists before going on court, you still need to feel the racket and the ball. So that's why." The Romanian also commented on her football skills: "I did not play soccer but I had fun with my friends, brother and cousins.

I like to play with the ball and it's coming from the family because all of my cousins, brother and whole family, they all like play football and sports. I score many goals. I am the main player, that's my position", concluded the Costancia native who was at the top of the rankings some months ago.