Nick Kyrgios is not good for tennis, says Serena Williams' coach

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Nick Kyrgios is not good for tennis, says Serena Williams' coach

In an interview to Daily Mail Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou gave his opinion on Nick Kyrgios. The Frenchman said: ‘I don’t think he is good for tennis… I think he is unbelievable for tennis.

He is everything tennis needs.' On the bad side of tennis, Mouratoglou added: 'Tennis is unfortunately very boring. Not the sport in itself, but when players are forbidden to show passion, which is the case because otherwise they get fined, it’s a boring show.

I am serious. I am really worried, and I hope it will change in the next few years because it was much better in the 80s when players were able to express their personalities. We always have the choice to be super conservative or live in our century.

Tennis is a very conservative sport. People love to watch movies because there is drama, personalities, emotion. They watch sport for emotions. If we refuse to give them emotions, they’re going to go to other sports where there is passion.

We don't change the rules, we don’t change tennis. We just have the coach on-court - interactions that will help see the personality of the player.' Mouratoglou brought Serena to win ten Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal: 'I think it’s a great accomplishment when you work with someone who is really in trouble, not winning at all for several years and suddenly they win.

Of course, in terms of biggest achievement with Serena we won 10 Grand Slams, but every player is an exciting challenge.'