Serena Williams has zero interest in checking internet, says husband

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Serena Williams has zero interest in checking internet, says husband

Alexis Ohanian spoke about how people's perspective toward him changed over the years especially now that he has become Serena Williams' husband. "It's definitely different. I used to get pitched at restaurants and walking down streets.

People were like, hey, can I tell you about my start-up? Now people will just be like, I love your wife!” On the differences between him and Serena, Ohanian added: "The sad reality is, you don’t have to look very far on a news article, Instagram post or Twitter post to find these comments about her.

And so we talk broadly about it because it’s clearly something that she has been able to somehow process and put out of mind. But her idea of consuming content on the internet is the exact opposite of mine. She has zero interest.

There’s the athlete thing where you don’t want to read any press about you, but she does not consume any press or any social media. She’s just there to produce content and then walk away”. On why he founded Reddit, Ohanian added: “I actually think this all comes back to being Armenian.

I was both proud and heartbroken when I found my first Armenian Genocide denier post on Reddit. I was proud in the sense that, wow, we’re truly a global platform. And then heartbroken, because goddamnit, we’re truly a global platform and there are lots of people who believe this awful state-sponsored thing”.