Serena Williams’ YPRC made a victim feel like a superstar

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Serena Williams’ YPRC made a victim feel like a superstar

The Yetunde Price Resource Center – created by the Williams sisters in honor of their dead sibling -, closed a new partnership with Apartment List to help victims of senseless violence. Serena couldn’t miss the celebration event that took place on 8th October at Harriet’s Rooftop in West Hollywood, California.

“Today we celebrated the work that the YPRC does to help victims of senseless violence heal holistically”, said Serena Williams as quoted by PR Newswire. The new program - called Home Bridge - aims to provide “safe and secure housing to individuals and families in need”.

And the results didn’t cease to appear. Take the example of Bonnie Morrison, a member of YPRC, who talked about what she felt when she was given a new home, courtesy of Apartment List. “Every day I wake up feeling like a superstar.

Words cannot truly describe the day that I entered my new apartment that was provided through YPRC, Apartment List and Equity Residential. My eyes and heart lit up with smiles of happiness and gratefulness! I could never have imagined the depth of bounty that August brought to my life.

I am humbled and blessed by this opportunity and grateful to them for making my dreams come true!", said Bonnie. The CEO of Apartment List, John Kobs, was grateful for being able to work with Serena Williams and their project.

“Working with Serena Williams, YPRC, and Equity Residential is the embodiment of the core values of Apartment List. The opportunity to support these families in finding safe housing has been one of the most fulfilling experiences for our company”, said Kobs.

Besides helping the victims of senseless violence, Serena Williams wanted to set an example for other enterprises with the new program. “I hope that this program serves as a catalyst for other companies to understand that social good comes in many forms”, Williams concluded.