Kobe Bryant Says He Took Help from Serena Williams for His Childrens Book

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Kobe Bryant Says He Took Help from Serena Williams for His Childrens Book

Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant says he spoke to tennis champion Serena Williams for his new children's book "Legacy of the Queen" - the story of Legacy, an amateur tennis player in the magical kingdom of Nova hoping to win a tennis tournament.

The book is authored by Annie Matthew and Bryant spoke about his discussions with Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam champion, at the Orange County Children's Book Festival at Orange Coast College. “We sat on the phone for like an hour and we just talked.

We talked about technique, we talked about practice, we talked about the emotional struggles of being a young athlete. I think a lot of times as athletes, we feel like being sensitive is a weakness. I wanted (Legacy) to be a great example for my daughters, for all the young women out there, that your sensitivity is where a lot of your power, your inner magic comes from”.

The book is one of two books that Bryant has come out with - the other one being "The Wizenard Series: Training Camp”. He says he would be working on four more books in the Wizenard Series and a sequel to the Legacy story as well.

He was also hoping to get his books adapted into feature films. Bryant hopes that children will be positively impacted by his work. "If we can give them really complicated messages at an early age: how to deal with emotion, how to deal with things good, bad or indifferent, the world would be a better place."