Serena,Venus Williams are like grandparents for American tennis - President

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Serena,Venus Williams are like grandparents for American tennis - President

In an interview the USTA President Patrick Galbraith spoke about the bright momentum of American women's tennis. Galbraith said: "The women are phenomenal. The children are growing. Then you have the adults, you have Sloane [Stephens] and Madison Keys and that group.

Then you have the grandparents — Serena and Venus Williams. You have three generations of players out there all being successful, and they’re all pushing each other. It’s forcing Venus and Serena to stay young”.

Galbraith also shared why men have not been so successful in tennis over the recent times: “On the men’s side there are so many more options. They can be a pro football player, basketball player, pro baseball player.

Tennis is down the line for men. For women, it’s a high priority. It’s tough. You play a sport and don’t see a lot of yourself out there. It’s hard. You play other sports. You can relate. It’s difficult, even the music you like.

You look at sports like basketball and everything’s pretty similar. The players all come from similar backgrounds. You kind of relate and talk." Chris Widmaier said: "We need to crack that code. I don’t have the answers.

I know we need to see some younger players get into the second week of Grand Slams and start proving themselves like the American women have. We need tennis to attract better athletes in bigger numbers.’ We need tennis to look like America' When tennis truly looks like America, we’re going to be back as the powerhouse we should be."