Serena Williams hits stronger than male hitting partners - Tomova

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Serena Williams hits stronger than male hitting partners - Tomova

In an interview the Bulgarian player Viktoria Tomova spoke about how it felt like to face Serena Williams in. Tumova said: "Mostly I play with men who are my hitting partners. But the ball never came as powerful as it did in the match against Serena.

She has a great feeling in her wrist and makes unique cross court shots [...] there is no turning back." In September she went to Japan where she qualified for two WTA main draw tournaments: "I flew to Hiroshima 34 hours - I changed three flights, economy class, only with my dad."

About the match against Naomi Osaka in Osaka: "I was on a higher level than against Serena [Wimby '17]. At first she was a little nervous. I had the tactic of making drop shots. Maybe I should take more risks. I could have won.

I need a few more matches like this." About the match with Alize Cornet in Osaka: "I don't want to remember this match, she takes MTOs in other matches so I expected tactics like that. But she is very experienced, watches the Shot clock and serves when one second remains.

I know that, but it still affects me." Rafael Nadal will get married to his longtime girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello on October 19 near Mallorca. They told the 350 invitees not to take photos of the wedding, and the people who will work during the day for the event will not take photos either otherwise they will get heavily fined. 350 people will attend the wedding including the King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.