Mirza: 'Williams, Clijsters are examples of how a woman can have it all'

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Mirza: 'Williams, Clijsters are examples of how a woman can have it all'

In an interview with Delhi Times, Indian doubles player Sania Mirza spoke about her plans to be back on Tour after giving birth last year. Mirza said: "One of the reasons for that was they’d have kids and all of a sudden the priorities would change and that ambition would go away.

I think, today, the belief is that once you have a child, you take that maternity leave like in any other job. When you want to come back to play and if your body allows that, you come back. Kim Clijsters won a Grand Slam after having a baby over ten years ago so it’s been done before.

You have to find that motivation again. These women are fortunate enough to have found it and be amazing at what they do. It is really inspiring for me and they are also amazing examples of how a woman can have it all", she said also referring to Serena Williams.

"That’s why I posted those videos because just like I got inspired seeing them, I thought I must come up with something to inspire others." Mirza also gave her thoughts on motherhood and how to educate her child: "As a parent, my job is to try and give him as ‘normal’ a life as possible, whatever that means.

Obviously, today with social media, it’s really hard to protect them completely. You’re not going to be able to do that because no matter what you say, he is born to people who are public figures. We just have to try and normalise it as much as possible.

What worries me sometimes is how much he loves it when the cameras are on him. He has been so used to it since he was born. He is not even one and he already understands that when someone is taking his picture, he needs to look at them.

As he grows up, he is just going to have to accept that he is someone who will get more attention. As a parent, I have to try and do whatever I can do to protect him."