Serena Williams re-created her body from zero, says coach

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Serena Williams re-created her body from zero, says coach

In an interview during an event held by Dunlop in Japan, Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about the challenges that the American player is facing since she became a mother in September 2017. The Frenchman said: "Serena is 38 years old, the daughter was born two years ago.

She was holding 23 Grand Slam titles and she already had the best career and results. But she still likes tennis and she still feels she can win Grand Slams. So she decided to be back. Now she wants to beat the 24 Grand Slams record.

She came back because of those reasons although it's unbelievably difficult for a woman to return after having a baby. And even more at 36 years and not 26. It's even tougher, a woman's body becomes mother's body when she gives birth.

Mother's body is different than best athlete's body. She re-created her body to fight again. For this reason, she made unbelievable physical efforts. I think she is still far away from her best level but she still be more ready as the time goes on.

She will be better than the last two years." "The pressure on her is even higher", said Mouratoglou speaking of expectations. "If you reach the final, you will have another match left to make history, which is the highest pressure you can experience in sports and probably in life.

So there was pressure but everyone expects her to win all the time, so we need to overcome this pressure. This is something that Naomi Osaka recently experienced because everyone expected her to win all matches when she was world No.

1. And it's difficult to understand this pressure for people who never experienced it. I also experienced Noami, Angelique Kerber, Petra Kvitova and many other players. Serena went through it in the past but now pressure is bigger and players have nothing to lose.

A player with such a high pressure will face a player who has no pressure. The difference is too big. But she will learn. There is something new to learn and the more you lose, the more you will get used to pressure. There is more to learn than the loss than you do with the win. If you lose in a tennis match, the bad side will come up."