Serena Williams vs Cori Gauff: Landorp makes comparison

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Serena Williams vs Cori Gauff: Landorp makes comparison

In an interview with ESPN, Pete Sampras' former coach Robert Lansdorp spoke about what tennis can expect from Cori Gauff after her maiden career-title in Linz last week. Lansdorp said: "I'm not going to say she will win 25 Grand Slam titles.

But Gauff has all the qualities that make a great, great player. The fact that she loves to fight, that she has that discipline, concentration and focus -- those are huge pluses at a time when so many of the other WTA players just can't find the consistency to win steadily."

He added: "Her speed is a great advantage. Serena [Williams] had more power when she came on the scene, but Gauff is already a great defensive player. She's so fast that it's tough to (hit) a winner against her, and she already has that talent for going from defense to offense very quickly."

Gauff, speaking to WTA, said: "Even though some players may be more experienced that other or may have better results, you never know how someone is going to play that day when you play against them. Every day is a new day.

My grandfather always tells me that anyone can win a match on any day regardless of the past, so I try to treat every match and every opponent similarly, despite who might have a higher ranking or Grand Slams, or not." After her win, Gauff reached a new career-high of No. 71 in the WTA rankings.