Venus Williams: 'Sometimes it's hard to watch sister Serena playing'

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Venus Williams: 'Sometimes it's hard to watch sister Serena playing'

In an interview to PEOPLE, Venus Williams spoke about her feelings when she watches her sister Serena live or on TV. Venus, who will be back on Tour next year, said: “We both get nervous still. Sometimes it’s hard for me to watch her matches.

Sometimes there will be replays of finals she’s played so I know that she’s won and I’m like ‘Okay, I can just watch this match and sit back and relax’ instead of being like ‘Oh my God is she gonna win? I hope she wins!’.

Even as much as she’s won — you’ve got to earn it in those intense matches,” Venus, who recently partnered with Clorox for the fight against cold and flu season, said. “It’s never a give in.

You fight until you shake hands and hopefully you use those wipes so you don’t get sick!” Venus has many activitives off the court and she cares a lot about her health: “One of the reasons I’m teaming up with Clorox is because being sick for me is not an option.

I have to work and my work is very physical and if I can’t be physical then I’m out of work. So hopefully, I am able to prevent a lot of illnesses by disinfecting surfaces especially when I go on airplanes … filled with germs. Airport bathrooms and airplane bathrooms are my least favorite. I don’t trust them,”