Cori Gauff: 'I admire Serena and Venus Williams a lot'

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Cori Gauff: 'I admire Serena and Venus Williams a lot'

Speaking with Tages Anzeiger, Cori Gauff commented on how she saw herself among the next generation of players. The Linz Open winner said: "I find it difficult to judge, but when I try to inspire other girls, it's good.

I also found inspirations myself that helped me more and more. I admire Serena and Venus Williams a lot. And I am sure Greta Thunberg got inspired by someone to become so active." In Linz, at the start, she was one of the many, while in the United States she is celebrated like a supergirl.

How does she live it? "It's not a problem since in my career I mostly played little tournaments. Linz gave me a wild card because sometimes I train in Nice." On not being able to play all the amount of tournaments she wants because of rules, Gauff said: "I think you can only play a certain number until you are 16 years old.

I know it can protect younger players." The people were surprised by her successes. Gauff, who was No. 1 junior player, said: "It's not easy. I go to the court and I do not expect to lose. That's why I was not always very surprised.

But even if I am active on social media, I keep a lot for myself because it's private thoughts." On her parents - father Corey, a former basketball player, and mother Candy, an athlete - Gauff concluded: "They were both very important for me. They drove and helped me to get to the next level. And decide on what we should work."