Isn’t Serena Williams a woman?

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Isn’t Serena Williams a woman?

That is one of the questions that artist Hiawatha D. puts in front of the world through his newest exhibit held at the Northwest African American Museum in Seattle. The exhibit is called ‘Iconic Black Women: Ain’t I a Woman’ and, as its name suggests, features paintings of world renowned dark-skinned women.

If you visit Hiawatha’s exposition in Seattle, you will be able to distinguish great personalities like Serena Williams, Beyonce, Whoopi Goldberg, Harriet Tubman (american abolitionist) and Cicely Tyson, actress and former fashion model.

The title of the collection was inspired by the 1851 well-known speech and rebuke 'Ain't I a Woman' by abolitionist Sojourner Truth, according to Hiawatha as per KOMO News. "There's been so many women that have come.

Are here now - that's done so many great things and we don't really celebrate like we should”. the artist declared for Komo. What is especially intriguing to the works of Hiawatha is that many of his paintings feature faceless women.

He explained this special technique. "The younger images I've done, like Beyonce and Serena Williams, they don't really have faces on them. Even in my work, I don't do faces, so people can see themselves." The exhibit started on 18 October. If you want to visit it, you can do so until mid-March.