Williams showed comeback from motherhood is possible: Mattek Sands

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Williams showed comeback from motherhood is possible: Mattek Sands

In an interview with RT, American player Bethanie Mattek Sands spoke highly of the 38-year-old Serena Williams. Mattek Sands said: "I see she is still extremely motivated to keep playing. I think breaking Court's record is the most important thing after winning a Grand Slam title.

Kim Clijsters managed to do it as well as other players who came back to compete after motherhood. I think Serena, with her example, is trying to show that it is possible and she still delivers amazing tennis, getting fitter every month.

That's a big challenge: she is closer to the goal." On her knee rupture in Wimbledon, Mattek Sands added: "I was just unlucky. I was already worried about the knee and it did not heal. And in that match, I slipped on the grass and I broke it.

The surgeon told me the knee was in a wrong position and that a ligament rupture was normal. I just had to learn how to walk and run again. But now I feel even stronger and very happy." Meanwhile, American player Sofia Kenin spoke about Kim Clijsters coming back to the competition: "I remember the day, she was so nice.

And I actually I did an exhibition with her and, where was it? In New York, but I forgot where it was. But it was nice and, yeah, I think it's great if she's going to have a comeback, I think it's really great and it inspires people to keep playing and she's had so much success.

Of course, everyone is saying I would love for you to play her in the first match and, maybe not first round, but, yeah, because everyone like posted a picture of me doing her hand and they're like, oh, that's a matchup that we should see in two Grand Slams.

And I'm like, No, I don't think in Grand Slams first match. She's a Grand Slam champion, Grand Slam champions, so it's not going to be a good match. But, I mean, if I play her, okay, it will be an exciting match though and I'm obviously going to look forward to it."