Serena Williams: 'I take Olympia everywhere, hope to have more children'

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Serena Williams: 'I take Olympia everywhere, hope to have more children'

In an interview to People Serena Williams spoke about her off court plans. The American player is focused on doing her job as a stylist as best as possible. Serena said: “I want to design a line of babywear inspired by my daughter.

I take her everywhere, and I hope to have more children. When I do something one day, it is 100 per cent. Then when I am done, I am done and on to the next thing! I live and breathe fashion in the tennis off-season, but no matter what else I do, I am always a mom and I love every minute of it”.

Williams added: “I am inspired by pop culture and creativity, and I like to make a power statement. I like to stand out. I want to be seen and be heard, and that is my design inspiration. My personal style is that I like both trends and classic looks, so I put them together… I bring trendy with classic silhouettes”.

"I was back there telling people, you know, ‘just be more natural, give me more energy’ and I’m like, ‘wait, am I a director now?’ She’s definitely more opinionated now. But she’s learning boundaries.

She’s learning rules. I design most of the stuff that I wear on the court. I went to fashion school somewhere in between winning Wimbledon and U.S. Open, so this is something that I actually know about”. On Meghan Markle, Williams concluded: “We have a lot of really good pieces for her. I don’t ever pressure her to wear it, I just want her to look comfortable and look great”.