Halep: 'When I face Serena Williams, I don't think about her 23 Majors'

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Halep: 'When I face Serena Williams, I don't think about her 23 Majors'

Simona Halep spoke about some of her matches against Serena Williams during her career. Halep said: "It's like four years since I played the final in Singapore against her. Many things were changed. My personality has changed.

Also the way I'm thinking on court has changed. I'm a different person in this year than 2014. I have learned many things from the matches I played against her, all the matches that I had on tour. I have more experience.

When I enter the court, I said that we are the same for two hours on court. Even if she has 23 Grand Slams, I don't have to think about that because I'm going to get nervous. I just thought that we are two players on court, and the best will win.

I just did what I had planned before the match with my team, and it was enough to be 100% there." Halep added: "I'm enjoying the moment a lot. I have learned this in the last years. I am the same. I'm looking for the future already.

I'm looking for new challenges, new big moments. I just want to feel the victory that I had, to feel the success I had. The most important thing for me, for my personality, is to see what I achieved, to feel what I achieved, and to be happy about that.

It's feeding me with energy and also motivation. I feel that I'm able to do big things in tennis more and more now because I was able to win two Grand Slams. It's just a way of seeing the things. Everyone is different, but for me it's important to stay cool and to realize what I've done.

I did that, and it helps me to be more and more relaxed, to enjoy more the tennis, the time I spend on court. It helps me a lot."