Bianca Andreescu on how Serena Williams inspires her

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Bianca Andreescu on how Serena Williams inspires her

Bianca Andreescu is the youngest player competing in this year's WTA Finals in Shenzhen at 19 years of age. The Canadian player was asked if it may be an issue for her. "I think age is just a number," said Andreescu.

"I think anyone can accomplish anything at any age if they really want it. I think I proved that. Petra (Kvitova) proved that. Serena Williams proved that. Well, I think right now I don't have much pressure on my shoulders going into this tournament.

It's my first WTA Finals. I know I'm coming off a really good year this year, but I'm just going to go out there like any other tournament. I know it's the biggest tournament of my life, but I'm not going to keep saying that to myself.

Just go out there and play like it's anything else." Andreescu also commented on the tournament format: "Maybe it makes it more exciting. But there's definitely some good matchups. It's like you're playing the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam right away.

But I got some good practice in. I have some pretty good wins up my sleeve. I think I have some pretty good momentum coming into this tournament. So do all the players, as well. Belinda just won a tournament. Naomi did really well during the Asian swing.

I think it's going to be a good match, Petra and Naomi. Then me and Simona, I've always wanted to play her. I'm finally getting my chance. I'm really excited." On her dress she wore on Friday night during the players party, Andreescu concluded: "I'm in China, so I wanted to be a little bit more authentic.

I know that color means 'difference' and 'royalty' I'm not saying I'm royalty, but the 'difference' part is that I think I'm pretty different than... I don't know, I bring a different vibe to the game I think. I wanted to showcase that a little bit, hopefully gain some more Chinese fans."