Wimbledon win over Serena Williams was beyond expectations - Halep's coach

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Wimbledon win over Serena Williams was beyond expectations - Halep's coach

Daniel Dobre reassessed his player Simona Halep's season overall. The Romanian champion's coach said: "All the time when I start coaching, I was dreaming about this moment. It was a surprise that Simona wanted to work with me this year after she start the year alone.

It was a surprise. We didn't get big goals. We just get the goals to improve the game. Arriving at Wimbledon, playing so good, winning the final, it was amazing. Not only the final, also the opponent. To beat Serena Williams in that moment, it was over the expectation.

In the same time, I was let's say happy because it was the second time I was on her side when she beat Serena. First time was in Singapore 2014. It was first time she beat Serena. I was with her that time also. It was, let's say, déjà vu, but a bigger level because that was a round-robin match, now it was a final.

Yeah, it was nothing that you can think about before. It's just a spontain react [sic]." Comparing Halep now than the one she was in 2014, Dobre added: "The difference are big. The main things, her main behavior, they are there.

She's a fighter, she's very ambitious, focused, very intense in everything what she's doing. Doesn't matter if you are on the court or outside the court, she's all the time 100% there. But she learn a little bit more about her feelings on the court, about her feelings outside the court.

The beginning she was upset if the people were speaking bad, if the people didn't understand her really behavior, her really essence. Now she can go over. This is one thing that was really difficult for her. She was reading about paper, reading about what the people said.

It was not really good. The other thing, she was upset always she was losing matches. Sometimes you couldn't speak with her after one lost match two or three days. She was really sad about it. Now it's not that she don't care if she loses, if she loses she cares a lot, but she learned a little bit to control better the emotion. Even today she lost, tomorrow she can start again, she can start preparing the next game."