Facing Serena Williams twice helps Bianca Andreescu, says coach

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Facing Serena Williams twice helps Bianca Andreescu, says coach

In a press conference at the Shenzhen's WTA Finals Bianca Andreescu's coach Sylvain Bruneau previewed the upcoming match between the Canadian and Simona Halep. Bruneau said: "She brought up Simona a lot earlier.

I felt it was someone she really looked up to when she was younger. Recently she had the chance also to play Serena. They don't have the Romanian thing, but it was a lot of similarities. We were able to get some experience there and preparation with playing someone she was looking up to coming up and growing up.

So I think it will be a bit similar. Again, as much as she respects Simona, she's really looked up to her, shaped some stuff in her game based on what she does, obviously we need to make sure when she steps on the court that stays behind obviously.

That's going to be my role. As I said, playing Serena Williams in Toronto and in New York I think was helpful in that regard." On the 2020 schedule, Bruneau added: "We're going to go about scheduling differently next year than what we did this year.

The start of the year this year, it was just a match after another after another after another. I think there was a bit of probably too much volume. Her ranking now being what it is, we're going to have a different approach.

She's not going to play as much. We're going to try to make it different definitely. I think we learned a little bit from what happened, too. I thought it was very exciting in January and February, all of that, all those matches.

But then somehow it got to her with the injury. I think we all learned. She's also now traveling with a therapist who is taking care of her. That's very helpful. A fitness person, as well. We made some changes to make sure this was not going to be hopefully an issue again."