Bianca Andreescu: 'Serena Williams was not at her best in US Open final'


Bianca Andreescu: 'Serena Williams was not at her best in US Open final'

In an interview to The National Bianca Andreescu spoke about Serena Williams's legacy. The Canadian player beat the American twice, in the Toronto's Rogers Cup and US Open finals. Andreescu said: “Serena, yes, is a legend of this sport, she’s an incredible champion, and beating her is an amazing achievement, so I’m very grateful for that.

But it doesn’t stand out as where if I beat her I can accomplish anything, because I know she wasn’t on top of her game that match. Maybe if I played her in her prime I would say, maybe five years ago, 10 years ago, it would be a different story.

I’m not saying it doesn’t give me confidence, it obviously does because I’ve looked up to her my whole career. Hopefully it can give me some extra confidence when I think about that match for this tournament”.

Andreescu also commented on what makes her tennis unique: "I can start with my game style; I think I play different than most players on the tour and it’s given a lot of difficulty for them when I play them, so I think that’s one.

And I guess just the things that I wear, how I act on camera, off camera. I think I’m like pretty funny, sometimes I have no filter which I think is very… like other people can connect with that and vibe with that.

So I just try my best to work as hard as possible during practice and just work on myself as a person and try to just fake it ‘til you make it really, I really live by that quote. And I’ve been doing that a lot through visualisation.

People have to realise that you just have to be yourself out there, because everyone else is taken. I know that’s a cheesy quote, but it’s true”.

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