If you have Serena Williams's serve, you may come back on Tour - Hingis

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If you have Serena Williams's serve, you may come back on Tour - Hingis

Former world No. 1 Martina Hingis spoke about the Belgian Kim Clijsters coming back to the WTA Tour. Hingis was asked what she expects from Clijsters and if she sees Kim being able to go far in the Grand Slams again. "Only she will answer the question," said Hingis.

"To me, I think the game has evolved. The last time she won was 2011 or 2013. It wasn't yesterday. After all of this, I mean, I played some exhibitions with her or against her, we also played in doubles, I think it's quite different.

I was not ready to play singles. For me, it takes physical condition to get there. I mean, she was a much more physical player than I was. For me, the doubles was good enough. I felt like, This is what I can do, still participate.

I finished at No. 1, so it was nice to come back and play. I felt like I would not be probably good enough for singles. Also I didn't want to put myself out there. That's why I said that it's quite ambitious to want to make that move.

I cannot answer this. She's a different type of player than I was. Hey, if I had Serena Williams's serve, maybe I would want to come back in singles, too. It's not that physical. We'll see. Even for me it's going to be, like, interesting to watch.

If she can come back to the game she finished off with, then I'm sure she can have some good matches. Will that be enough to play in today's game? I don't know that. I mean, personally I can't see that she's going to go out there and beat (Bianca) Andreescu, (Aryna) Sabalenka, the people who qualified here.

If she gets a chance, a good draw, she can get into it. Depends maybe on the first matches who she is going to face. As a wild card, if she's going to face Andreescu first round, you don't really know. It will be interesting if she will get the chance to play someone out of the top 50 or top 100 first, see where she's at."