'No one is immortal ' - Roddick on Serena Williams's Major finals losses

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'No one is immortal ' - Roddick on Serena Williams's Major finals losses

In an interview the 2003 US Open winner Andy Roddick spoke about Serena Williams losing four of the last five Grand Slam finals she has played in. The American former player said: "No one's immortal, no matter how many times you've done it.

We're talking about a person who's probably the most dominant all time in Slam finals saying, 'Well, she's a little nervous in Grand Slam finals' ... there's nothing given based on history." Jim Courier added: "It's been noticeable that she's been anxious, and it's understandable.

I'm sure the reason that she's still playing is to win those (major finals) so she can be the all-time leader in Grand Slam titles. I think it's totally natural that she would be nervous. It would be almost superhuman for her to play relaxed and normal, but we expect her to be superhuman because she almost is.

So that's the thing. She has such a high bar of expectations for herself and so does everyone else because of what she's achieving." James Blake concluded: "She's obviously not quite the same physically at 38 as she was at 24 or 25, but the (championship) mentality is still there, which is possibly getting her to be an overachiever.

I mean I think it always has. She's getting so much out of her physical abilities, but now there's so many other players - the Andreescus, (Simona) Haleps, (Garbine) Muguruzas - that have plenty of talent as well. So if they get to a finals, there's a good chance they're (already) playing really well at that point and they've been able to overtake her.

… Andreescu, Halep, and Osaka played unbelievable tennis to beat her, but it's just that there are (more) players that can play at that level now. Ten years ago - when she was even more dominant - no one even had a chance to get close to her."