Venus Williams: 'It's a lot of fun with Serena's daughter, she is so cute'

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Venus Williams: 'It's a lot of fun with Serena's daughter, she is so cute'

In an interview Venus Williams commented on how it feels to be the auntie of her sister Serena's daughter Olympia. "It’s a lot of fun because she’s so cute. Also, I have the easy job. Being the mom is the toughest job and being the aunt is the fun job.

So I feel that I’m getting away with all the perks without the work", said Venus, who also spoke about the keys of her longevity: "Honestly, I get lots of sleep. That is very important. And I eat lots of good food, which can be a challenge on the road.

I try to make conscious decisions whatever I can. Airport food is getting better, but it is not the best. I use supplementations like vitamins and minerals, I try to keep my immune system healthy, I try not to eat a lot of processed foods—I eat whole foods like vegetables and fruits.

I try to avoid foods in packages. I don’t really like grains. So if I’m not on the court, I don’t eat them. But when I have to be at tournaments, I eat grains like rice and I also eat sweet potatoes. At home, I love Caesar salad.

I have at least two salads a day. I actually eat my main meal first and salad second. It’s a staple for me." On how she deals with cold and flu, Venus added: "Clorox really is very connected to what I do. My job is to be healthy and strong.

So if I get sick, I’m pretty much out of work. I’m always traveling with my Clorox Disinfecting Wipes in my tennis bag, carry on, even in my dog bag. So that way, I can wipe down all the surfaces. Even places you don’t even think about, like the phone next to your bed in a hotel or areas where you don’t think, you could catch a virus."