Serena Williams was an inspiration through my pregnancy, says Felix

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Serena Williams was an inspiration through my pregnancy, says Felix

The American track and field sprinter Allyson Felix spoke about how getting inspired by Serena Williams helped her to achieve success in her career. Serena came back after giving birth to a daughter called Olympia back in 2017 and she reached four Grand Slam finals.

"She was an inspiration to me to train through my pregnancy and to have confidence in my ability to come back. Even when she went through her complications and I went through mine, it just really made me understand how big of an issue this is for black women and women of color.

It made me really just want to get the word out there and raise awareness for what’s happening, because Serena is a very privileged person and I am as well, and if we are facing these complications, then you can only imagine what others are going through.

It’s really neat to see, and she’s just amazing. She continues to inspire me", said Felix. Felix concluded: "When I was younger, I felt like I had to be consumed in just the sport. Everything had to be surrounding the question of, ‘How do I win?’ I’m an athlete, and that’s what I do.

But as I’ve gotten older and I’ve grown, I understand more about platform and what you can do with that. Now I’m able to tackle some issues that will have much more meaning than running on the track."