Bianca Andreescu was not scared against Serena Williams, says Radwanska

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Bianca Andreescu was not scared against Serena Williams, says Radwanska

The former world No. 2 Agnieszka Radwanska was asked who is the most impressed young player according to her now in women's tennis. She replied: "I think Bianca Andreescu. You can see she's playing the tennis that seems like she's on tour for so many years, and she just actually started.

That is very impressive from her. Actually how she started the final against Serena Williams, that was impressive. She wasn't scared. You could see she was without any pressure. She played 100%. That's not easy. She played great tennis.

I think at this age, on this stage, she's doing really good job." "I think you can still travel and you can still play tennis. But this is the atmosphere at the tournaments that you cannot swap with anything else, right? I think the adrenaline that you have waiting for your match, seeing your opponent for the next match, that's something I had all my life, even during tournaments.

I think that's atmosphere that it's not there any more. Well, I'm still traveling, so I'm not missing traveling. It's different when you don't have the racquets or you have 10 racquets in your bag and three pair of tennis shoes.

That's a different traveling. About tennis, yes, actually in the beginning I didn't play much. I really had enough. I needed a break. That was really just couple of practices before my event that was in May. Now I started again because actually now we playing some really fun doubles with Marta, Klaudia, Paula.

There are a couple of us, four of us just enjoying tennis, playing funny games, tiebreakers. Actually we not missing the competition of tennis, we just doing this for fun, just to sweat, play good tennis and do also some tricky shots. That is fun, yeah."