Radwanska:'When Serena Williams is on fire,she can reach every Major final'

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Radwanska:'When Serena Williams is on fire,she can reach every Major final'

The 2013 Wimbledon finalist Agnieszka Radwanska spoke about Serena Williams's longevity. The Polish player said: "She can still play the best tennis. When she's on fire, she can be in the final of every Grand Slam.

But I think at the moment it's more mentally than physically. Physically she's very fit. I think she's in a really good shape right now. I think now it's mentally. Like you said, it's not easy to lost four finals in a row and playing another one to win it.

I think everything is in the head. We'll see how she's going to manage that." Asked how often she still watches tennis, Radwanska replied: "I was in the three Grand Slams this year, so it was nice to catch up with all girls, see all the faces that I was seeing for last almost 15 years.

Was good to catch up. But, yes, I follow. I'm still big fan of tennis. I always love to watch tennis. That's why I'm still watching. I'm very happy to also see some Polish names in the draw, also in the women's draw, in the men's draw as well.

It's always for me even more interesting to see Polish doing very good. I know more or less, yeah." She also recalled her Shenzhen's WTA Finals title: "I think then the semifinal, that was one of the best matches I ever played, especially in this kind of stage.

That was a very good match with a lot of great shots. Garbine was playing amazing tennis. I think at this moment I would like to see that match again after a couple of years how was it. Final, obviously the same, very good match.

Then I fell apart after those two matches on this tough, sticky surface. Yes, it's a lot of good memories from there."