Belinda Bencic not planning to compete until Serena Williams does

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Belinda Bencic not planning to compete until Serena Williams does

Belinda Bencic is 22 years old. How much time does she have left in tennis? The Swiss replied: "I am not planning to play until 35 years of age. It would be nice to have a family one day. I have no idea about how much more time I will play.

I do not want to beat Serena Williams. I just want to get the best out of my career. And when I stop, I want to say that I gave everything. But I would still like to have a great life after and I want to save a bit of my prize money for what happens after.

Because after tennis continues." Recalling the tough times when she left the top 100 rankings, Bencic added: "I am very grateful to all the sponsors that support me. But of course, you feel it when you are playing a $50,000 tournament as a world No.

325. But I grew in a way that I do not need luxury." How did she develope herself over the last years? "I matured. Got confident. I know some more things and I can make my tennis easier. Because of my injuries, I am happy to be able to play tennis.

I like what I do. Enjoy yourself." Asked if she ever doubted about herself when she dealt with injuries, Bencic said: "The question was, Does my body allow me? I did not know if something hurt me after the surgery.

It's complicated. I was very happy not to feel any pain after the knee surgery. That was my biggest fear. I always believed I could play at this level once I got healthy."