Serena Williams: 'i am obsessed with hearts'

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Serena Williams: 'i am obsessed with hearts'

In an interview, Serena Williams spoke about how her passion for jewelry. The American player said: “I am obsessed with hearts. If you go back and look at photos, pretty much all my matches—99% of the time—you see me wearing some sort of heart necklace”.

On her love for jewelry, Williams added: “I remember a long, long time ago I wore this diamond star ring on my right hand that everyone looked at and was like, ‘How do you play wearing that?' It wasn’t anything super-fancy—it had a really interesting shape; it almost looked like a starfish, but with four arms instead of five.

But it was fine. I’ve always worn crazy jewelry on the court—massive rings, diamonds, necklaces. I mean, most people like jewelry, but I love jewelry. “You don’t have to change pieces, but you can add pieces—something bolder, or more strong, or even something with a word on it—even if it’s a more delicate piece.

It’s just about expressing yourself”. "Right now I’m loving anything with a frosted look, like the AP watches I’ve been wearing lately. I also love layering delicate little necklaces because by themselves they’re subtle, but when you add a few you’re making a statement.

I also love layering my thin bangles with tennis bracelets—when you don’t have to stick to one style or one-piece, it allows for more freedom, which I love. Their ability to play with accessories and use different statement pieces has always had an influence on me."