Serena Williams: 'I donate my outfits to charity'

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Serena Williams: 'I donate my outfits to charity'

In an interview with Fashionista, Serena Williams reflected on the outfits she wears on the tennis court and off it. Williams is a big lover of jewelry and she recently started an eponymous line of jewelry. Williams wrote: "There are guidelines in tennis as to what you can wear.

I always say, 'OK, people probably see me the most on the tennis court. So how do I look my best while I'm sweating and running and grunting and being in dire pain at times? What have I not done?' Which is getting more narrow because I feel like I've done almost everything.

I start from that point of view. "Then, I look at different fabrics and how they perform, how they do under sweet — heat and sweat — sweet is like a mixture of those words [laughs]! I always try to keep one or two of [the outfits after I wear for a match], but the rest, I usually either donate to my charity or if I'm home, I drive it to a women's shelter.

I always pick out my jewelry [for a match] a long time in advance because I always practice in them for at least a month to make sure they're not flopping in my face or twisting on my fingers. So it's my own like testing process and then it goes from there.

Usually, if I win in something, I'll wear it for a little bit. I've always worn heart necklaces. At one point, I wore a circle. It was weird, but that was a gift. Those are pieces that are always cherished.