Women see Serena Williams as more than just a tennis player, says Rubin

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Women see Serena Williams as more than just a tennis player, says Rubin

Laura Rubin, vice president of marketing at KP Sanghvi, spoke about Serena Williams being a real icon off the court. The American player has now launched a jewelry line. “Women see Serena as more than just a tennis player—they see her as a female icon who represents empowerment and believing in oneself."

Serena added: "The next thing I’m purchasing are tons of emeralds. I haven’t gotten there yet, so we’ll see. Speaking of what I wore to that wedding (Meghan Markle's), nothing that fancy, but I want a really statement emerald piece to add to my collection.

And I love sapphires. Because as a September [baby], September’s a sapphire, and I have this natural obsession with sapphires." "I think our inspirational word [pieces] are great. Our signet rings are supercool and exciting and great for gifting and reasonable.

I love those as gift items unless you want to get more fancy [with the Cuban link bracelets]. You can stack them up and layer them. Being a tennis player, I can’t have a jewelry line and not have a tennis bracelet. You can’t really change a tennis bracelet too much, but we went for it.

It definitely has a little more space in between the stones than the average tennis bracelet, where the stones are really close together, so we wanted to bring that little change to it. We also incorporated this [diamond-accented lobster claw] clasp, which is not typical in tennis bracelets."