Serena Williams: 'My daughter may have a future in fashion'

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Serena Williams: 'My daughter may have a future in fashion'

Serena Williams was asked if her daughter Olympia will be involved in promoting her fashion line featuring jewelry and outfits. The American player said there could be a possibility in the future. "Well, we got her a small version of our iconic heart.

But other than that, no. They're mine. Fall back, right now. Not yet. In due time. I do wonder what that's going to be like when she's a little bit older. I have no idea. We'll see. I can’t wait. So far, she's been wearing my heels, so I'm like, "She's going to be in fashion!" I could've sworn today, she looked at me, and she was like, "Gee, gah, yeah."

I was like, "You like what mommy's wearing today?" When I come out sometimes, she's like, "Oohh! Ma!" Williams believes that being unique and original is the key: "I hate being like everyone else.

If anyone says I am mediocre, it's like, ‘Wait...’ I want to stand out.' It's like, let's do something different — let's be bold, let's be beautiful. I also don't know any really amazing affordable jewelry lines out there.

It just made the most sense to me”. On the ultimate holiday outfit, Williams concluded: "When I think of holiday, I go straight to velvet because it's going to be so cool this season, whether it's a black velvet or a blue velvet.

For jewelry, I’m really loving chokers and I love layering jewelry. A lot of our pieces are for layering, and have the ability to be made tighter or looser, so we can kind of change the lengths on it. I'm really into the chain that says "loved," and layering that with a softer piece — I always layer the "sexy" and the dog tag."